LiNEAR Protocol is a multichain liquid staking and liquid restaking protocol. It allows users to restake $NEAR, $SOL, $BTC and other assets, earn yields from staking & restaking, and receive liquid receipt tokens representing their deposit that can be used in other protocols.

LiNEAR plans to launch liquid restaking solutions built on the Meshed Restaking infrastructure Allstake, and to support other restaking infrastructure such as Eigenlayer in the future. LiNEAR is set to become the strategic manager of Allstake and the provider of the Liquid restaking token, thereby optimizing the security of Actively Validated Services (AVS) or Application Chains. Users of the LiNEAR protocol will be able to earn higher yields compared to traditional PoS or single-instance staking models by leveraging a variety of supported assets. $LiNEAR is the biggest LST(Liquid Staking Token) in the NEAR ecosystem. It can be restaked to earn an even higher yield.

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