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What is liquid staking?

Liquid staking is the act of delegating your tokens to a service that stakes for you without losing access to your funds. It allows users to stake any amount of $NEAR and unstake their $LiNEAR for receiving back $NEAR instantly,.

Is LiNEAR Protocol custodial?

No, LiNEAR Protocol is a non-custodial protocol. This means that the tokens are 100% in user's control. Interaction with smart contracts and bots of LiNEAR Protocol is fully permissionless.

How long would it take to stake and unstake?

With LiNEAR Protocol, staking is instant. For unstaking, you can choose 1) instant unstaking with a small percentage of fees collected or 2) delayed unstaking without any fees. Your $NEAR will be available in approximately 49 hours. You will not receive rewards during that period.

Are staking rewards staked automatically?

When the new epoch begins, staking rewards in the last epoch are compounded automatically into the staked $NEAR and reflected by $LiNEAR price appreciation.

What fees does LiNEAR Protocol charge?

The fee structure of LiNEAR Protocol is shown below:

Stake: 0% Delayed unstake: 0% Instant unstake: 0.3%~3% Commission: 1% on staking rewards

Instant unstake_fee = max_fee-(max_fee - min_fee)*remaining_amount / target_ amount


  • max_fee = 3%

  • min_fee = 0.3%

  • remaining_amount = $NEAR remaining in the liquidity pool after unstaking

  • target_ amount= 10,000

The parameters will be determined by LiNEAR DAO in the future.

Will LiNEAR Protocol have governance tokens

Yes. $LNR is the key to active participation in the governance of the LiNEAR Protocol. Holders of $LNR will be empowered to make decisions related to staking and restaking strategies, multi-chain deployment, and more, ensuring a truly decentralized and community-driven ecosystem.

Why no data available on staking page in NEAR web wallet after staking by lockup account?

NEAR web wallet does not support LiNEAR Protocol as a validator yet. The data will available when you unstake & withdraw staked $NEAR from LiNEAR Protocol. NEAR web wallet will support LiNEAR Protocol as a optional validator in the near future.

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