LiNEAR Protocol is doing everything we can to ensure the security of everyone's assets.


LiNEAR has always taken security seriously. With this in mind, LiNEAR Protocol has undergone several rounds of intensive auditing both internally and externally, by engineers and teams with strong expertise in NEAR smart contracts and DeFi protocols.

BlockSec, as one of our key security partners, who has extensive experience in NEAR Rust smart contract auditing, completed the security auditing of LiNEAR Protocol Contract v1.0.0 on Apr 1st, 2022.

According to BlockSec's auditing report, LiNEAR contract code is highly secure: There were no critical issues reported at any point during the auditing. Only a few low-risk minor issues were reported and have been fixed by the LiNEAR engineering after receiving the feedback.

Hacken has finished its security auditing report for LiNEAR in May 2024, with several minor issues reported and have been fixed by LiNEAR team.

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